Dr Obaid Saqer Busit – Biography

Dr. Obaid Saqer Busit is a practising lawyer in Dubai. He is the owner and founder of Busit Advocates and Legal Consultants

obaid saqer busit

Academic Qualifications

1991  :  Ph.D in Commercial Arbitration, Durham University,UK

1986 :  Master in Comparative Law, University of San Diego, California,USA

1985 :  Diploma in American Legal System, University of San Diego, California, USA

1984 :  LLB Law with honours (Shariah Subsidiary), UAE University, UAE

Professional Appointments

1992 to Present : Chairman of Busit Advocates and Legal Consultants

2001 to 2006 : Lecturer at UAE University, Faculty of Law

July 2000-2001 : Chairman of the World Customs Organization Council

1998 to June 2000 : WCO Regional Vice chairman of the North Africa, Near and Middle East Region.

1998 to 2001 : Member of Advisory Board of Higher Supreme Council of GCC Countries.

1997 to 1999 : Lecturer at the Legal Institute, Dubai, UAE

1994 to 2001 : Director General of Department of Ports & Customs, Dubai, UAE

obaid saqer busitDr. Obaid Saqer Busit was born and raised in Dubai. He is married with one child. Busit still resides in Dubai where his law firm Busit Advocates and Legal Consultants is headquartered too. He has been practising law since 1992 when he acquired his UAE law licence. Obaid Saqer Busit specialises in International Trade, Agency and Distribution, Intellectual Property and Arbitration.

Abstract of Dr. Obaid Saqer Busit’s Thesis:

Obaid  Saqer  Busit, Ph.D., University of Durham, 1991. The  System of Arbitration in U.A.E.; Problems and Prospects

The United Arab Emirates was created in 1971. The discovery  and exploitation of major oil resources has constituted a substantial source of wealth and generated  much economic activity, predominantly of trans-national character.

This economic activity has, inevitably, given  rise to a large increase in  the number  of legal disputes arising from business  transactions. In its current state of development the legal system of the U.A.E is unable to provide for the  reliable and expeditious resolution of  the legal actions. The lack of a sufficiently efficacious court system inhibits economic  development, particularly in the area of large scale  complex transactions involving  foreign parties. One way of remedying  this is to establish a system of arbitration, providing an alternative  disputes resolution mechanism

For such an alternatively to flourish arbitration must be recognized  as an autonomous legal institution, sensitive to parties’ needs in terms  of applicable law and procedure and immune  from unnecessary interference from the  courts. Above all, the enforcement  of arbitral awards by the courts must be a straightforward and reliable process. This thesis is concerned with problems and prospects for instating  a modern system of arbitration in  the UAE.

Selected Publications of Dr. Obaid Saqer Busit:

  • “The applicable law on arbitration agreement under UAE Law”, Emirates Center for Strategic Studies & Research, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2008.
  • “Courts and Arbitrations”, Cairo University Law Review, 1998.
  • “Globalization & Middle East challenge and opportunity” Tunis, Published at Harvard University publications, 1997.
  • “The challenge economic modernization on the Middle East”, Doha, Qatar, published at Harvard University publications, 1997.
  • “The applicable law on arbitration agreements”, UAE Law Review, 1997.
  • “The arbitration theories under the common law system”, Dubai Police School of Law Review, 1997.
  • “The UAE Commercial Agency Law”, Montreal Canada, Institute of International Business Law and Practice, 1994.
  • Regular articles on “GATT Agreements and WTO”, Published in “Al Bayan Daily Newspaper”, Dubai, UAE.

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